Our Mission


Mission Statement

The Irongate School Team will provide the conditions for 

Statements of Intent: The Vision in Action

  • Whānau are leaders of learning empowered to wānanga
  • Learning is visible for all whānau.
  • Learning is accessible for all whānau.
  • Learning happens anytime, anywhere with anyone


An Irongate School Student when they leave our school after 8 years  of schooling will: 

• Have a sense of identity, pride and belonging in knowing  who they are and where they are from. 
• Be reflective  
• Be a problem Solver 
• Be Willing to take risks. 
• Collaborative 
• Be happy and Confident  
• Be independent with Life Skills 
• Be Kind, Caring and Loving  
• have academic success to the best of their abilities 
• Have effective communication skills 
• Have empathy – being able to empathise  
• Be resilient 
• Be happy and engaged, have joy and humour in their life  journey 
• Be a community focussed person 
• Be a leader 
• Be grounded, humble and thankful 
• Have a sense of purpose 
• Be humble 
Māori achieving as Māori, Pasifika achieving as Pasifika, and Pākehā achieving as  Pākehā with an understanding of te Āo Māori & Pasifika